What is Powder Coating?

A good place to start would be explaining what powder coat is – the powder itself, in the most basic explanation, is a mix of finely ground plastics, pigments, and other compounds that help the coating cure correctly.

Powder Coating is the process of applying a powder coat to an object (substrate), then curing it – resulting in a finished powder coated product.

When cured properly the finished coating serves multiple functions, it is way more durable than paint and it is less likely to chip, fade, and wear away; certain powders even help prevent rust. Thus, making powder coating a desired finish for automotive components, industrial machinery, and even household objects like light fixtures and metal furniture.


Harley Davidson Inner Primary in Desert Nite Black, a tight wrinkle black coating.


The Journey Begins

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E36 M3 Rear Calipers done in Chartreuse Sherbert from Prismatic Powders